Michael Brenner has been playing guitar for over 37 years and it shows in the way he plays. His ability to perform has come from years of experience on the stage, and his ability to teach has come from... of all places... the "corporate" world. 

Michael worked as a coach and facilitator for Hewitt Associates in Orlando Florida. He thrived in this position because teaching seemed natural to him. As a matter of fact, he did so well… his company temporarily sent him to The Woodlands, Texas (North of Houston) to teach downtime Continental Airline employees the fine art of customer service. The task was exciting and challenging due to the large number of agents, but he had a familiar setting... a stage and a microphone. At this, Michael excelled.

As a result of his time at Hewitt Associates, Michael realized that his ability to connect and teach translated well to the guitar. Michael has held a corporate position since, but started taking on students soon after. 

Born and raised in Ohio, Michael spent the majority of his adolescence in Southern Illinois where he “cut his teeth” in several local bands and venues including a performance at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois.  Michael had studied piano in his youth and could read music, but really wanted to focus on composition and music theory.

Michael’s father, a professional photographer, would often “trade” services with traveling bands in exchange for guitar lessons. The style of music varied as different performers taught Michael their craft. He loved the variety and quickly adapted to Jazz, Blues, and Top 40. The lessons were often "on site" at various venues and focused mainly on "applied" guitar. 

As luck would have it, Michael was fortunate enough to meet a local guitar instructor by the name of Sam Reeves. Sam is an extremely gifted multi-style guitarist and just what Michael had been looking for in a teacher. Throughout 10 years of intensive study with Sam, Michael had really gained an incredible understanding of modal theory and composition. During this period, Michael also attended John A. Logan College where he studied music and the arts.

In the mid 1990s, Michael moved to Florida and later struck up a friendship with Mark Dawson. Mark liked what he heard musically from Michael and brought him into a convention band he was developing at the time called "Really Big House".   
Mark is currently the lead vocalist
and bassist for The Grass Roots. Check Mark out on tour if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed! 

Fast forward a few years and a few more bands, Michael has never played and sounded better. He is currently working on several projects including a tribute to Randy Rhoads and his solo project.

Stay tuned folks...the best is yet to come!