When Mr. Mike first started teaching me, I had just received my first guitar. My initial desire to learn was founded in a childish awe of the rockstar persona, not so much in a love or appreciation of the instrument. I wanted to look as cool as all the guys I had grown up admiring. As I moved forward with the instruction that Mr. Mike provided, my desire to "look cool" evolved into a deep passion for the piece of wood I held in my hands. I learned to love the instrument, the music, and the satisfaction in progressing as a guitarist. The 4 years of expert instruction with Michael Brenner revealed to me my passion, and turned me into a pretty good guitarist if I do say so myself.

Ben Donaldson - Altamonte Springs, FL

Mike began teaching my son, Jake, about 3 years ago. Jake started as a young 10 year old and Mike has patiently grown him into a very good guitar player at 13. My son's confidence, passion, and ability with the guitar is continually growing and I'm very excited to see how far he can take it. Mike always brings a nice blend of music theory, technical skill, and the songs that the student wants to learn and combines it with an easy going and comfortable approach that relates so well to kids and adults alike. Jake says, "Mr. Mike treats me more like a friend than a student and I really like how he teaches. And he plays awesome!" Listening to my son play enthusiastically and so well is all the proof I need. I have also taken Bass lessons from Mike as my schedule permits and I can honestly say that he is a fantastic teacher and music mentor. His knowledge of music and theory is vast yet he is able to share his gift so effectively and effortlessly. I could not recommend him any higher!

Steve Kitzman - Altamonte Springs, FL

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