JAKE'S RECITAL  10/29/13
Jake Kitzman is without a doubt one of my favorite students. When he began studying with me, he couldn't play a chord, but he wanted to learn. Now, he's the guitarist for his local youth group band.
He's innovative, creative, and still hungry to learn more. If he wants a career as a musician, he will go far.

Some thoughts from Jake's father, Steve Kitzman, about Jake, his guitar and the video. 

"Michael Brenner has been giving guitar lessons to Jake for 6 years. It was time we recorded something. Jake bought this classical guitar at a guitar swap meet for $15. It was covered in drywall dust and had a couple broken strings but it seemed solid. After cleaning it up and putting on new strings, this Spanish made instrument sounds great.
Jake's teacher, Michael, is truly gifted and has brought Jake so far but the best is yet to come. I shot this with a panasonic AF-100 and a Nikon 50mm lens with available light.
The audio was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun mic placed between them overhead."

Jake Kitzman - Guitar
Michael Brenner - Guitar

"The Recital"


This band was put together by Mark Dawson to be THE premiere convention band in Orlando. A true artist band, all members are incredible musicians.
This VERY rough video was shot at a small club called "Urban Flats" in Orlando. The show was the 1st public appearance of RBH and the venue was...let's say “intimate”.  It turned out to be a great place to prepare for what ultimately were bigger venues.
This video was shot by a relative of keyboardist Clint Beard. Unfortunately, Clint was stage right. Michael was stage left. As a result, you may not see much of Michael in this video…but you can certainly hear his distictictive style.

At the time of this video, RBH consisted of:

Mark Dawson – Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals
Gladys Justiniano – Lead Vocals
Drew Steinke – Drums & Vocals
Clint Beard – Keyboards & Vocals
Michael Brenner - Guitars

"Bring Me To Life"



While Mark Dawson (the bass player and lead singer for "The Grass Roots") was on tour with the Roots, Michael filled in for him on bass guitar with an Orlando based band founded by local celebrities Scott McKenzie of MIX 105.1 and Bob Frier formally with CBS affiliate WKMG in Orlando, but now an anchor at the Orlando FOX affiliate WOFL.  

This video was professionally shot at the House of Blues in Orlando. Simulcast was opening for headliner Sara Bareilles.

At the time of this video, Simulcast consisted of:

Scott McKenzie - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Bob Frier -Keyboards
Gladys Justiniano - Lead Vocals
Ben Van Hook - Guitar
Bill Schwartz - Guitar
Tony Triozzi - Drums
Michael Brenner - Bass Guitar

"This Love"